Women’s Wednesdays: Media Literacy with Ava Turnquest

On April 3, 2024, we were in conversation with journalist Ava Turnquest about media literacy. She helped us learn that we have to understand the news better, and the purpose of the press, to make clear, specific demands for better reporting.

In this session you’ll learn:
What is media literacy? What does it require of us? What factors determine how news is delivered to us? How do we know when key pieces of information are missing, and what do we do about it? How, in the current race to be first, can we identify the best, most credible source(s) of information?

Women’s Wednesdays was designed by Equality Bahamas as a response to community members’ requests for a space to access resources, experts, and practitioners, share knowledge, and engage in conversation with one another.

Officially started in May 2017, Women’s Wednesdays highlights Bahamian women and our experiences in The Bahamas, specific to our identities including gender, race, sexuality, age, and ability. Held once per month at minimum, the events draw women together to have conversations that bring our individual lives into focus while connecting to family, community, and national narratives.

Watch the replay of the Women’s Wednesdays event below.