This Pride Month, we’ve got two amazing, free community care events for you.

Community care is critical for LGBTQI+ people who experience systemic and interpersonal violence. We need time and space to see and connect with one another. We need to develop skills and access tools to survive the current environment while we work toward the one where we will thrive.

Equality Bahamas intentionally focuses on community care during PRIDE because we believe in our interdependence and our ability to build new worlds together, and we recognize the importance of meeting our basic needs at time when PRIDE is focused on the general public. We are centering LGBTQI+ people. Come be in our circle.

Join us for weekly yoga sessions with Antonio Weech of Get Fit Life, Sundays at 8.30am. We’ll focus on a different zone of the body each week and learn ways to relieve tension.


Join us for weekly Therapy sessions with Jessica Russell, Mondays at 6pm.


Finally for this Pride, we’ve got an update to our music collection, and a sequel to last year’s Proud mix, by @heydjampero.

Listen to it below.

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Feminist Book Club is reading Arrangements in Blue: Notes on Love and Making a Life by Amy Key over the next few weeks.

From the blurb:
“Mapping the evolution of her early conceptions of love through her adulthood, Key offers a tender and nakedly candid celebration of the many forms of intimacy that often go unnoticed. An essential work for both the single and the partnered, Arrangements in Blue is a bold manual for building a life on your own terms.”

From an interview with Amy Key:
“It feels vulnerable and scary to talk about life without romantic love at its center because it’s something that has made me feel ashamed and lonely throughout my life. I thought there was something wrong with me. I don’t think that now and more than that I’ve come to think it would be good for everyone to knock romantic love off its perch – to question its place at the center of experience.”

Join the online discussion:
Wednesday, June 19 at 6pm EDT

We’re meeting online only for the next few months, so make your snack and beverage plans!

We encourage you to buy the book from an independent bookstore. If you’re ordering online, check out



Join us on Wednesday, May 15 at 6pm for a discussion about our next book:

Undrowned: Black Feminist Lessons from Marine Mammals by Alexis Pauline Gumbs

“Undrowned is a book-length meditation for social movements and our whole species based on the subversive and transformative guidance of marine mammals. Our aquatic cousins are queer, fierce, protective of each other, complex, shaped by conflict, and struggling to survive the extractive and militarized conditions our species has imposed on the ocean. Gumbs employs a brilliant mix of poetic sensibility and naturalist observation to show what they might teach us, producing not a specific agenda but an unfolding space for wondering and questioning.”

The book is available in hardcopy and ebook. If you’re buying the book, we encourage you to go to an independent bookstore. is a great option for ordering only and supporting independent bookstores.

We look forward to seeing you on May 15! This meeting will be virtual only.


We’re part of the Global Campaign for Equal Nationality Rights and we’re looking forward to Ending Statelessness & Upholding Equality Nationality rights on Thursday, May 9 at 7am EDT. This is a virtual event at the United Nations Civil Society Conference. Join us to learn about gender-unequal nationality laws and statelessness in five countries and the work incredible activists are doing to end them. We will also be joined by a representative from the UN Refugee Agency who will tell us about their work on this issue.

Feminist Book Club is reading How to Say Babylon by Safiya Sinclair this month. Join us!

“Rich in lyricism and language only a poet could evoke, How to Say Babylon is both a universal story of a woman finding her own power and a unique glimpse into a rarefied world we may know how to name, Rastafari, but one we know little about.”

We’ll meet at @poincianapaperpress, 12 Parkgate Road, on Wednesday, April 17 at 6pm EDT to talk about How to Say Babylon. You can also join us virtually. Be sure to register at to get updates.

More than two weeks left to get it and read it! It’s available as an ebook and audiobook in addition to print. There’s a copy in the library at Poinciana Paper Press, so you can arrange a time to drop by and enjoy the book and the space.

On April 3, 2024, we were in conversation with journalist Ava Turnquest about media literacy. She helped us learn that we have to understand the news better, and the purpose of the press, to make clear, specific demands for better reporting.

In this session you’ll learn:
What is media literacy? What does it require of us? What factors determine how news is delivered to us? How do we know when key pieces of information are missing, and what do we do about it? How, in the current race to be first, can we identify the best, most credible source(s) of information?

Women’s Wednesdays was designed by Equality Bahamas as a response to community members’ requests for a space to access resources, experts, and practitioners, share knowledge, and engage in conversation with one another.

Officially started in May 2017, Women’s Wednesdays highlights Bahamian women and our experiences in The Bahamas, specific to our identities including gender, race, sexuality, age, and ability. Held once per month at minimum, the events draw women together to have conversations that bring our individual lives into focus while connecting to family, community, and national narratives.

Watch the replay of the Women’s Wednesdays event below.

We’re looking forward to discussing Etaf Rum’s Evil Eye with you on Wednesday at 6pm EDT! Our meeting is entirely virtual this time, so be sure to register if you haven’t already.

What freedom was Yara was looking for?
How was she like and unlike her mother?
What will her daughters be like?
How was her Palestinian identity central to the plot?

So much to talk about! Join the discussion.

Don’t have the book? Get ready for April. We’re reading How to Say Babylon by Safiya Sinclair.

Let’s keep the energy from last Saturday’s International Women’s Day March + Expo going with the What More Y’all Want call-and-response collaborative exhibition Saturday, March 16 at Poinciana Paper Press!

Let’s continue demanding our rights. Meet us at 12 Parkgate Road between 2pm and 7pm for some letterpress printing fun! It’s time for you to join us in telling the world what more we want.

We’re reading Citizen by Claudia Rankine and Blind Days by Bahamian Chinaka Strachan for February’s Feminist Book Club.

Blind Days is available for purchase at The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas. You can also read both books in the library at Poinciana Paper Press.

Join us February 21 at 6pm EST for the discussion! Attend in person at Poinciana Paper Press, 12 Parkgate Road, or virtually.


On January 17, 2024, we had a conversation with Health Coach Ashley Foukes-Moss about avoiding fads and unhealthy eating habits in favor of truly eating well, to nourish our bodies and enjoy our meals. She also discussed food documentaries, intermittent fasting, colon cleanses, caffeine, vegan and vegetarian diets and much more.

Watch the replay of the Women’s Wednesdays event below.