About Equality Bahamas

Equality Bahamas is a feminist organization that promotes women’s and LGBTQI+ people’s rights as human rights through advocacy, public education, and community engagement.

Our advocacy is rooted in international human rights standards and undertaken to disrupt unequal power dynamics, destroy systems of oppression, build democracy, and challenge the government to meet its obligations.

Our public education focuses on the creation and dissemination of information in accessible formats, connecting technical subject matter with the lives and experiences of

Our community engagement recognizes the expertise of community members and avoids the speaker-audience dynamic, creating spaces for knowledge-sharing, idea-generation, and solution-building through facilitated conversations.

Our regular programming includes Women’s Wednesdays, a monthly event series bringing women together to discuss issues of personal, national, regional, and global concern, from personal finance and mental health to human rights mechanisms and global solidarity.

Our work is year-round at the national level, and we participate in international campaigns to connect national issues with international issues. We host the annual International Women’s Day March and Expo and a series of events during the Global 16 Days Campaign.